Pet grooming services

Dog and pet grooming services in Budapest: we offer your pet an all-inclusive service, begin with cutting the claws, through bathing to a full grooming. We can also give you medical advice based on veterinary assistant experience.

Dog trimming

All purebred dogs have a standard shear mode, which higlights the typical features. But for pet dogs we suggest a more practical so called "hobby-fashion" which we fit to the puppies' and owner's needs. We can do this with scissors and clippers as well. It is very important for joung puppies to get use to the sound of these equipments.

Dog and cat bathing and drying

It is a seemingly simple process, but requires great care. All breed are unique. For example a Maltese can be bathed in every 3-4 weeks, however, a hungarian Puli or the short-haired ones need only 2-3 bathing in a year. Hard-haired dogs need the most attention, because their fur can easily soften. We use only high-quality dog shampoos.

Dog stripping

At the end of the growing process the hair dies and can be pulled out without causing pain. And before the new hair starts to grow the follicles have a rest period. The hard-haired dogs usually need 4-6 weeks to rebuild the typical hair quality. Breeds which can be stripped: Airedale terrier, Hungarian wire-haired vizsla, fox terrier, welsh terrier, west highland white terrier, Schnauzer, stringy-haired dachshund, setters, spaniels, long-haired dachshund, golden retriever, etc.

Dog & cat grooming

The purpose is to remove the dead hair and expand the knots. Sometimes this procedure hurts the dog. In this case, we recommend to clip the hair short. To prevent this contingency we suggest daily brushing and more frequent grooming. In our saloon the brushing only (without bathing or shearing) costs 1500 Ft per hour.


This is a free service in our saloon. The puppies need time to get use to the grooming gradually. After a few time of acclimatization the pup wont be afraid of the whole process, and will be in a good relationship with the beautician. Each occasion will last about 20 minutes. We put the pup on the table, brush it's hair and play with it. Next time we show it the sound of the hair dryer and the clipping machine. We cut some lock of hair from the cheeks to accustom to scissors. If the dog responds well, then the next time, you can take full grooming. Although if we see that very much afraid, it's worth a second opportunity to repeat again! We are welcome every puppy after the end of vaccination program. Please bring the vaccination book and the dog's favourite snack or toy.

Healthcare treatment for dogs

Our cosmetic treatment controls the dog's skin, coat condition, remove the hair from the ears and clean them. The hair is cut short around the anal and the genital area. We check the anal glands and cut the claws which are too long. During the treatment we remove the parasites (fleas, ticks) from the skin . If necessary direct you to a veterinarian.

Dog massage

  • Prevention of diseases
  • Maintenance of helath
  • For shy or agressive dogs because of the calming effect of nervous system
  • For elderly or convalescing dogs to faciliate healing
  • In case of joint problems to strenghten muscles
  • For highly overweight dogs as part of a diet
  • To relax muscles after seroius physical activityDistributed products


Distributed products

We carry shampoos, brushes, flea collars, dog collars, dog perfumes, Furminator, etc.

Product selection will expand as required.

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